Anything but Football…


Now before you grab your pitch forks, jump on your tail-gates and run me out of New England, hear me out…

Some time ago, I fell in love with a football fan and bless his soul, I just couldn’t find it in me to fall in love with the game too. I sure hope some other partners out there can relate but in an effort to prove my partner wrong, I made a mockery of myself because as the site Zap2it reports, It is “no surprise: 64% of Americans watch NFL football; 73% of  men, 55% of women.”

Let me tell you, I can’t barely even sit still through a 10 minute news clip, never mind a whole football game! Even when I was a high school cheerleader, I constantly found myself anxiously watching the score board timer only to find myself going backwards because they somehow still had a time-out to utilize or another pause for a call I’ll never understand…
Don’t get me wrong though, it’s not that I hate the sport by any means but I may take any given opportunity to poke fun at the idea of grown men in tight pants or rivaling at fantasy football trades. In all honesty it doesn’t bother me a bit that a good chunk of his year is dedicated to score updates, fantasy teams and of course, game-time food. The yelling at the TV, having to listen in on the radio when we don’t make it home in time and any excuse to gather with family and friends… it all makes me happy. Happy that he has something that is all his.
But, my attention span… Well, it’s limited. Maybe that’s why my toddler and I connect so well? I just can’t sit through the thrill of him gripping to the edge of the seat or the last minutes of fear that “his player” might not get the touchdown his team so badly needed.
Instead, I’ve begun to look at all the advantages football season has to offer to “my kinda people”. You know the kind who like me, have tried, time & time again to find it deep down within themselves to enjoy any bit of this American sport but you’re heart is entertained elsewhere.
I’m all about the cup being half full here. I didn’t lose my boyfriend to the game and the game isn’t going away any decade soon so, instead of being a “nag” I make the most of the never-ending Sundays, Monday nights, fantasy team study hours and any other football-filled time.
You can’t forget it works both ways you know. Kind of like when you’re lying in bed “Pinterest-ing” your little heart away and he only half-cuddles you so, not to get in the way of your screen? (That’s love you know) This football season gig is no different. This is a time for give and take. So, instead of Pinterest he gets ESPN updates on his phone and it’s your turn to either sit quietly next to him on the couch and let him be…or, you can do anything but watch football.

And just in case you find yourself scrolling through your phone tonight while the game streams on your big screen, you can entertain yourself with a short list of anything I currently do but watch football…

  1. Cook/Eat – Game Day food is a given right? Just because you’re not actually watching the game doesn’t mean you forfeit the perfect excuse to help cook and indulge in some buffalo chicken dip and wings.
  2. Entertain the kid – The toddler is going to spend the whole time begging to replace your coveted sport with the “dump truck show” and adding his two cents in only when ya’ll start yelling at the TV so, one of us should probably keep him busy for a while? I will gladly accept piecing together Mr. Potato head 100 times, over joining you in front of the TV.
  3. Take a Bath – I don’t know about you but when I finally get around to soaking in the tub, I take my sweet ole’ time. (I usually drain and add more hot water) And well, when football is on, you know just as well as I do that there will be plenty of time
  4. Paint Wood signs – If you don’t already know, my hobby, turned skilled-craft is painting inspirational quotes and beautiful works of art onto reclaimed wood. Now that I have a growing amount of custom-requests and orders coming in, what better time to fulfill those than when the big game is on? (Please note, you may send any inquires or place an order by emailing me at
  5. Pinterest – So, you want to snuggle up next to your beau but you don’t want to actually participate? Stay close while you explore the wonderful world of pins at the touch of your finger. How does that saying go? “Happy wife, happy life!” Oh, who am I kidding, we’re both happy so, it’s a win, win.
  6. Yoga – If you’re house is anything like ours on game day, it can get loud up in here! But if you can find a relatively quiet space indoors or out, you can take yourself to a world where football doesn’t even exist! If you’re yogi curious and just want to dip your toes in the water, I encourage you to start by dropping into a local class or even joining an online yoga challenge. (If you’re in Southern Maine, I can even spill you my secrets on my favorite teachers and studios!)
  7. Take photos – Even though you aren’t committed to the team, you’re a committed mom & partner which means, buying that mini-sized jersey is 100% the right thing to do. Because for years to come, you will gawk over the cuteness that ensues when your little one and partner proudly flaunt their matching uniforms. Father son, NFL, Football, Patriots
  8. Blog, write, organize random folders on your computer, etc. – This is the any idea fits all category. You can always find something else to do.

So, for those of you just as restless on this Football Monday night, you’re not alone.

And for the apparent majority of you with a strong dedication to America’s #1 sport, try not to hate me, okay?

Currently blogging instead of watching the game,


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