Baby, it’s crunch time: Celebrating Dad with JORD.

Preparing for birth & celebrating dad with JORD wood watches. #Pregnancy #GiftsforDad #TimelessGifts #WoodWatch

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Brandon and I are entering the point in our pregnancy that I anxiously like to call, “crunch time.” During a conversation about timelines at work the other day, my boss mentioned how it would be about 6 weeks, give or take, until I go out on maternity leave…

Umm, what?! That statement stopped me dead in my tracks. I’m pretty sure I looked at him with a deer in the head lights look… Something about hearing someone else declare that out loud has got me shaking in my boots a bit… It’s most definitely crunch time people! Not only are we smack dab in the middle of lots of holiday plans but my to-do list is no less than a mile long!

Oh, and then there’s a separate “honey-do” list… Bless that man of mine… He’s building all custom-made nursery furniture, flipping our house upside down (at my request – for the 2nd time), doing the majority of the house chores, working overtime so, that he can stay home for a bit when the babe is born, even putting my boots on for me and best of all, listening to me go on and on about everything from; “I can’t decide on a color to paint the dresser drawer knobs!” to “I’m really scared, happy, anxious & oh so excited, all at the same time!” He does all this and more without a complaint. He’s my rock, there’s no doubt about that.

How do you celebrate the man that is everything to our family? How do you express how much you appreciate all the time he spends taking care of everyone around him? Perhaps you give him something so timeless and unique that he’ll always be reminded of how valuable his time spent really is…

When I came across these gorgeous, one of a kind, wood watches for men from JORD, I knew right away that my hard working man should have one. He deserves the world, really but if I can’t give him that, then I wanted to give him something that truly made him stand out as the incredible man and father that he is. Something that celebrates the maker in him and since he is well known for his craftsmanship; whether it be building someone’s dream home or an entire line of high-end wood furniture – I knew he could appreciate the innovative, hand-finished quality of the Dover series watch in Koa & Black. As a wood connoisseur, I had no doubt that he would love the simple fact that it was made out of his favorite material but it exceeded our expectations with it’s exposed gears, self winding drive system and structured style that can go with any dressy or casual look.

Preparing for birth & celebrating dad with JORD wood watches. #Pregnancy #GiftsforDad #TimelessGifts #WoodWatch

Brandon is wearing the Dover Series – Koa & Black

Preparing for birth & celebrating dad with JORD wood watches. #Pregnancy #GiftsforDad #TimelessGifts #WoodWatch

Preparing for birth & celebrating dad with JORD wood watches. #Pregnancy #GiftsforDad #TimelessGifts #WoodWatch

Did I mention that we’re having a baby… like really soon?! This gift is so timely with just a few weeks left before we welcome our new baby earth side – what better gift for the guy that will be timing my contractions, right? Better yet, maybe I should have one too? I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t been eyeing the Cora Series in the Women’s shop. I pride myself on being quite transparent so,  I have no problem giving Brandon a wish list or even treating myself to a splurge every once in a while.

If you’re anything like me and wanting to get your well-deserving partner a gift like no other, than  consider all the unique options you have when shopping JORD’s modern watches – from their extensive list of various hardwoods to the different stories that can be told within each series and they now offer personalized engraving.

Remember, Christmas isn’t the only time for giving – there’s no better time than the present for a “just because” gift, a New year’s surprise or in our case, the arrival of a new baby to show a loved one just how special they are.




I received a watch from JORD wood watches in exchange for my honest review; as always, all opinions are my own.

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  1. How cool that you will have all handmade stuff for the nursery! Such a cool thing! We just welcomed our second little bundle on 12/15 and my husband has been a rockstar throughout everything!!! I love that we married great guys :)! Good luck with everything!

    • Yes, I can’t wait to show everyone but it’s taking time to pull it all together since I’m slow moving at this point… congratulations on your newest addition! I hope you’re all adjusting well. We are blessed mamas!

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