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Meanwhile here in New England…. We are SNOWED IN. So while the boys are doing snow removal, I’m snuggling a warm baby & reminiscing about our “baby moon.”

Back at the end of summer, I had been searching for a good deal on a weekend getaway for just the two of us. I was aiming for the beginning of October so, it could double as our “Babymoon” & Birthday treat for Brandon. A secluded AirBnB cabin on the lake up North, with a little motor boat for fishing was totally calling our name but as life would have it, my nana fell ill & I just couldn’t bring myself to travel a couple hours away where I likely wouldn’t have cell reception & couldn’t get home quickly if needed so, we cancelled the trip & eventually we came to terms with the fact that it just wasn’t in the cards for us…

Over the next month, there were a lot of highs & lows. The stress of constantly worrying about my nana, spending late nights in stiff hospital chairs & eating way too much take-out was taking its toll on my 6 month+ pregnant body… Every night spent at the hospital meant Brandon was parenting solo & P was missing me. We were all pretty disconnected & pushing every limit to the max. Tough times require a lot of work from everyone so, if there was a good time to take a break, it was now!

By the time Thanksgiving week came around, we surprisingly found ourselves with a few days off together & entertained the idea of trying once more to get away, just the two of us. We of course came up with a million reasons not to; we didn’t really have the money, we felt guilty at the thought of leaving our son over a holiday, the cabin we wanted was no longer available & so on… But when there’s a will, there’s a way!

It just so happened that P’s grandparents were hosting Thanksgiving so, they were happy to take him which let up on the guilt a bit since he’d still be spending the holiday with family. Even if it felt like an irresponsible choice, we pulled some funds from our savings account & as luck would have it, we found a cute little cottage available just over 2 hours away in an adorable little historic town called Camden, ME. The best part? We noticed that they still had quite a few cabins available for the nights we were looking for so, I called ahead & asked if they offered a resident discount or had any last minute deals since it was unlikely that they would totally book up in the next 24 hours & the sweet man running the place was happy to offer us a deal!

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason & boy, did we deserve this! The next morning, we were packing our bags, dropping P off at his grandparents to play with his cousins & heading on a beautiful drive up the coast. We knew that with a new baby on the way in just a couple of months that we wouldn’t get the chance to do something like this again for a while so, we were determined to make the most of it.

When I first heard the term “baby moon”, I laughed at the idea but really, everyone deserves one last “hoorah” just before a new baby comes, especially if you’re seasoned parents already. We booked the most private looking cottage on the property with an ocean view, wood-burning fireplace, whirlpool tub & a kitchen. It was perfect. We relaxed in front of the warmth of the flames, made our own little Thanksgiving dinner & I was in heaven soaking in a tub big enough to cover more than just my ankles.

During the day, we ventured around town, enjoying the views, in & out of book stores & antique shops & made our way up Mount Battie which overlooked the quaint little town & a handful of small islands. We always talk about exploring more of our home state so, it was really fun to share the experience together since neither of us had been here before…

Whatever you have going on in life, if you’re feeling the need to get away, even just for a night, find a way to make it happen! As parents, we’ve earned it. As a couple, our relationship needs it. We shared laughs, we talked about our growing family, learned something new about each other, we slept in, we cuddled without little feet kicking us in the face & simply enjoyed each other’s company… All long overdue when you’re caught up in every day life.

My advice? Don’t wait, just do it. And if you need an extra nudge, here are some convincing photos of our stay 😉

main st

{Down town Camden, ME}



{Snow Cottage – The Lodge at Camden Hills}




{Harbor Walkway – Down Town Camden}


{Waterfall along Harbor Walk way}

together mt battie

{Peak of Mt. Battie overlooking the town of Camden}

lobster trap tree

{Lobster Trap Christmas Tree – Rockland, ME}






Where we stayed: Snow Cottage – The Lodge at Camden Hills – Camden, ME

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