How to get the most out of your Professional Family Photos | Mums Orchard House

I’m sure this won’t surprise most of you given my lack of presence around here this year having just had a new baby and all… Well she’s actually not THAT new anymore and life is still just as crazy as … Continue reading

5 Ways to dress your family for next to nothing! | Mums Orchard House

5 Ways to dress your family for next to nothing! #Frugal #SavingMoney.

One of the largest expenses when it comes to raising a family can definitely be clothing them. Thankfully, I’ve found some ways to cut down on that expense, which has not only allowed us to dress ourselves in the clothes we actually want … Continue reading

To the Mom wondering, “Am I really cut out for this?” | Mums Orchard House

"To the mom wondering, "Am I really cut out for this?" #HonestMotherhood #MomLife #Pregnancy

It’s been crickets around here lately, I know… life. But I really want to share a story about my day a couple weeks back. I just sort of scribbled it out in a moment of distress but now I’m fairly … Continue reading

How to Host a Gorgeously frugal Baby Shower for Under $100!

baby shower

“Throwing a shower doesn’t have to cost you an arm & a leg…it was a total low-budget success & I’ll show you exactly how I accomplished that!” Continue reading

Music, Kids & A Happy Home.

music happy home dance

I’ve never been good at music or so, I thought… I never quite got the hang of playing an instrument in the school band or hitting the right notes in chorus. My friends have jokingly asked me to refrain from singing in … Continue reading

Professional Family Photos | 7 Reasons to stop waiting and just do it! Plus, an exclusive offer!

I coerce my family to do a photo shoot at least once a year. There’s definitely some bribing involved… but come on, none of us are past that when the need calls. I do this for so many reasons; I don’t think … Continue reading