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So if you’ve spent anytime around here this year, you might’ve noticed that I’ve been pretty into saving money and tightening our budget this year. Many of these things I started doing when I started having kids over 4 years ago but I’m always learning of new ways to save and new places to snag a great deal.

You might’ve caught on to my love for thrifting clothes in my post “How to Dress your Kids for Next to Nothing!” Well, not much has changed other than the fact that my life is busier than it’s ever been! I mean, who’s isn’t, right? I’m in the process of re-launching my small business while also furthering my education so, between balancing my home life, business and full time job, extra time simply doesn’t exist.

Like me, you may find yourself constantly prioritizing your never ending to-do list so you can check off what’s most important first. Which means things like; consigning the kids old clothes or even spending time tediously picking through the racks at various stores to find a good deal or scheduling meet-ups through your local swap groups isn’t at the top of my list right now. That takes time – and I’d rather be hiking with my family than spending more time living in the car or chasing my hooligans around another store with god-awful fluorescent lights. You with me?

You’ve heard of money saving apps and subscription services before, many that have to be used in store and subscriptions that usually have a catch but chances are you haven’t yet had the pleasure of the Lilladu Exchange experience before. As the cool kids would say, it’s literally “next-level” thrift shopping.

Let me lay it out for you:

  1. Easy Peasy
  2. Save Time
  3. Save Money
  4. Good for the Environment
  5. Mom run Small Business
  6. Get a Personal Stylist

Really, What more could you want or need? When one of the amazing moms behind Lilladu reached out to me about their services, I was ecstatic to give it a try because we already value second hand clothing but quality wasn’t something I was willing to sacrifice so to be honest, I had my doubts.

After deciding which collection made the most sense for us at this time;

  • Exchange Collection – Allows you to swap out clothing that no longer fits your child for clothing in the next size up while spending even less!
  • Retail Collection – Allows you to purchase clothing even when you don’t have clothing to swap out, while still getting a great deal!

I had a style survey waiting in my inbox in about 24 hours. I answered a few simple questions about the kids’ sizes, brands we like and even had the option to add a personal note about how we’re a bit earthy, I don’t like flashy graphics, blah blah blah… (basically my picky side which they can clearly handle) 😉

And it wasn’t long before a pretty green package arrived at our door!

It was like Christmas for my four year old. The level of personalization and attention to detail that goes into this service are proof of the women behind the scenes who are hand-picking outfits for your children as if they were doing it for their very own children. Carefully wrapping each individual outfit, which my son couldn’t wait to rip open and model for me and prefacing it all with a lovely hand-written note that made my son feel so special (who am I kidding, it made my heart sing, too!)

Each of my son’s outfits were a hit with him and let’s be honest, that’s a win for me too. Baby Lu even two outfits that we’ll be tucking away for the upcoming spring/summer season! ??

Just look at this kid ❤️️ {Oh, and don’t miss the discount below!}

Ready to snag your little one a fresh new look? Head on over to Lilladu Exchange and use promo code MUMSORCHARDHOUSE to get 30% off your first purchase! (Valid through 12/31/17)

I received a ‘Retail Package’ in exchange for my honest review; as always, all opinions are my own and you can trust that I will always shareProducts & services we love and use. Thank you for valuing my opinion!

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  1. This sounds like an awesome service! Kid clothing can be so difficult to keep up with since they are constantly growing!

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