Snowman in a box – A 2 Step DIY Gift!

In the past, we’ve committed to making most of our Christmas gifts by hand which means, I’ve put in some late nights in our little workshop. After sharing our passion for giving all handmade gifts with a few people, we’ve realized that a lot of people think they can’t do this. While you may truly feel that your not a seasoned DIY’er” or “crafty” enough…I wanted to share one of my favorite, super simple, DIY gift ideas with you. One I believe, ANYONE CAN DO!

This easy, 2-step DIY Snowman kit is the ideal, frugal, yet thoughtful gift for your little one, neighbor, child’s classmate, yankee swap, etc.

What you need:

  1. Thrift store hat
  2. Thrift store scarf
  3. 7 black buttons (eyes & mouth)
  4. 3 colored buttons (front)
  5. Craft stick
  6. Orange paint
  7. Box/Label/Ribbon (optional)

{Keep in mind that you can get resourceful if you’re already snowed in at home – you may have an old scarf or hat lying around the house, you could paint rocks black for “2 eyes made out of coal” and you can paint bottle caps for buttons… Have fun with it!}

What to do:
  1. Paint your wooden craft stick orange to make a nose
  2. Organize your snowman items together in a box or gift bag. I chose to recycle a simple brown box, tie it up with twine & I made my own label using a free template from canva.
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 snowman in a box
So, there you have it. For about $1.50 (or even less) you can give a fun, thoughtful, handmade gift that will be sure to make a lasting memory for those in the snowy climates!
Let it Snow,

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