Earth Day Round-Up | 5 Simple ways to Celebrate

One of these days… I just might get my act together… but today is not that day. Why you ask? Because I had this post scheduled (what I really mean is floating around in my mind) for WEEKS now but it just didn’t get done when I wanted it to. I knew I wanted to share my love for a very special day with you all but you know what… I’m a little late to jump on the band wagon so, if you could just cut me some slack, I’d be forever thankful. And well, if you enjoy any of my ideas, maybe you could share them with anyone else who hasn’t yet planned their whole week out?

As you probably know, this Friday, April 22nd is EARTH DAY! [insert moon dance here]

It’s one of my favorite days to celebrate because while I try to do my own part in small ways to have a positive impact on this gorgeous place, I know I can always do better. An annual reminder to shed a little extra love & light on our mother & celebrate all her gifts, never hurt anyone – in fact, it helps everyone! More importantly, I hope to instill in my son a love for the outdoors, caring for the planet & loving all his brothers & sisters that live here so, sharing this day with him has a special place in my heart.

Since I don’t have a fancy, long-winded post with the perfect earth day crafts, themed lunches or whatever else all my favorite bloggy mamas already covered over these last few weeks (which are all amazing btw), I thought I’d keep it simple & share a quick little round-up of the things we’ve done in the past, present or may get to in the future (when I have my act together of course) to celebrate this glorious place called Mother Earth on her big day!

Earth Day Round-Up | 5 Simple ways to Celebrate

  • Read a book – Our (and by that I mean my) favorite just so happens to be the same book I picked out at the book store as a child. My mum passed it back to me at my baby shower which brought on a flood of tears & once you read it, you might just understand why… It’s called, “Dear Children of The Earth – A Letter from, Home” my hope is that my son loves the messages in this book long into his adult years just as much as I do; it teaches lessons of love for all our brothers & sisters & why & how you can care for our earth. Plus, the pictures are just breathtaking! Dear Children of The Earth - A Letter From, Home
  • Plant a Seed – Sun flowers are my absolute favorite flower ever but I lack a green thumb in all aspects. Sun flower seeds are super affordable, low-maintenance & dress up any area of your yard quite nicely. We just dig some holes wherever we please & sprinkle seeds like fairy dust & hope for the best. And then, when we least expect it, we walk outside to these gorgeous yellow stalks of sun smiling at us & just like that, my day is made…
  • Trash Walk – Think of your number one favorite place to spend time outdoors. Then, grab a trash bag & go there. Take a long walk around & pick up ALL the trash you see. Afterwards, enjoy the fruits of your labor by sitting back to enjoy the view you just helped make THAT much better.
  • Decorate – Who says tree decorating is only for Christmas time? Not this gal! Sometimes, I swear we’re the only ones in the neighborhood who feed the birds because they FLOCK to our house. Take a couple minutes to collect some very small sticks, pinecones & other natural supplies. Using peanut butter & bird seed, decorate your natural supplies & finish them off with a twine hanger. Pick the loveliest tree in your yard & turn it into a snack shack for our feathered friends. Homemade bird feeders
  • Educate – Sometimes our kids ask us soooo many questions that we want to explode! “Ka-Why” is a new word in our house since saying “because why?” is apparently too much for the toddler… My son was recently showing a great interest in the moon & stars so, I picked up a second hand book about the solar system. When I opened it, I was instantly overwhelmed with how much I didn’t remember from school or didn’t know at all… So, I figure this day is as good as any for all of us to learn a new thing or ten?


Well there you have it, folks. These are just a few of the ways we like to spend our days throughout the year & especially so on Earth Day. I hope your day is filled with so much goodness that it overflows into another’s cup. Better yet, share your own ideas below or tag @MumsOrchardHouse in a comment of your social media photos so, we can see how YOU celebrate this special day, too!



8 thoughts on “Earth Day Round-Up | 5 Simple ways to Celebrate

  1. I love your practical list and I totally had plans to make a birder feeder today but got sidetracked by my husbands birthday and sick baby in tow.

    PS I’m a big fan of picking up trash. I can’t stand seeing it and always make it a point to grab anything I find on the ground that shouldn’t be there!

  2. There are so many things to love about this. 1.) Your love for Earth Day, as I feel it, too. 2.) Your authentic self. I love that your life here isn’t perfectly themed or curated, because mine isn’t either, and it makes me feel good to know I’m not alone! 3.) A fellow procrastinator who writes things in her head but not always on the blog 4.) That book! I want to find it now. 5.) That adorable little face squishing up the book with a big love hug. Oh, my heart!

    Don’t worry that you shared this on Earth Day. The fact that you shared about Earth Day at all makes me love you even more, and we can celebrate the Earth all year long, right?

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