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I’ve been busy to say the least. But, there’s so much I’ve been dying to tell & show everyone. Like, Baby Lu’s nursery. Now, our house has such an odd set up. We’re also renting so, renovating isn’t an option but we make the best of the space we have. For example, an insanely large & awkward “master bedroom” which we currently use as our bedroom, a little play area for P (you know, to keep him busy for when I need a few minutes to peel my eyes open when he wakes up) & now, a corner nursery for baby Lu.

This not-so-little project is one I am so incredibly proud of. Mainly because it would not have been possible without my partner spending his days off working hard to build the gorgeous custom furniture & dealing with my paint color indecisiveness. Grey was a solid option since I have so many eclectic pieces of color in this space. Now, I’m no interior designer nor do I have a defined “style” whatsoever… that means, I throw a bunch of things I like together & I either love the result or spend months rearranging it. {Confession: I’m just now getting around to sharing this because we have no toddlers in our house today & it’s actually clean!}

So, without further adieu, Baby Lu’s Nursery!


Eclectic Baby Nursery to inspire the colorful mind. #BabyNursery #NurseryDecor

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from stairs

→ View walking into “insanely large master bedroom” where Nursery corner is ←


{Shop ‘Never grow up’ pillow case}   {Shop ‘Poms throw pillow’}

{Shop fabric bins here}   {Shop crib sheet}

{Custom Clothing Wardrobe & Night stand by Joy Valley Woodworks}



{Shop ‘plush comforters’}   {Shop ‘DockATot Deluxe’}

{Custom Co-sleeper by Joy Valley Woodworks}




looking in

→ View from bedroom side looking into Nursery corner ←

{Both rugs were vintage thrift finds, handmade quilt by my MIL}



{Shop changing pad}  {Shop wire baskets}  {Mother painting found at a flea market}  {Custom dresser/changing table by Joy Valley Woodworks}


reading nook

{The Children’s rocking chair & fabric standing giraffe were thrift finds}

{Custom book shelf by Joy Valley Woodworks}

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