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I don’t know about you but I trust that “mom brain” is a real thing. Despite this, I must appear to function like a normal human being regardless of how little sleep I’ve gotten, now that I’m back to work. You can read how my first week went here. Thankfully, I have a really sweet hubby that not only leaves the occasional love note in my lunch box but he also made me a “don’t forget everything” checklist. Honestly, I’m in a season of life in which I am adjusting to being a mum of two & I feel like I’d lose my head if it weren’t screwed on 😉

By day of two of being back to work, I realized how important this little checklist actually was & thought there might be some other mums out there who are getting ready to return back to work after having a baby or even just get out of the house feeling like they semi have their shit together. So, I decided to share this free downloadable checklist with the rest of you cause’ I’m a giver like that.

You can print off as many as you want or you can slide it into a glass frame & reuse it over & over with a dry erase marker! I know I’ll be keeping mine handy for a while.

Mom's Ultimate "Get out the Door" Checklist. For the busy/working/sleepy mum! #workingmom #busymom #sleepymom #momlife



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