How to Host a Gorgeously frugal Baby Shower for Under $100!

baby shower

Guess what?! I recently found out that I’m going to be an aunt to a little baby girl – and I am over the moon about it!

I love babies. I love parties. I love hosting. And, I love being FRUGAL!

I’m honestly a bit too excited to tell you all about what I’ve been up to these last few weeks. (I’m also a fabulous procrastinator and happen to do some of my best work under pressure – which basically means, if I can do it, you can do it too!) Celebrating the new mama-to-be & honoring the arrival of this new baby with a shower has been such a blessing. It’s funny how doing something for others can almost be a good kind of selfish. You feel so good about doing it that it doesn’t even feel like your doing it for someone else’s benefit… I don’t know about you… but, I LOVE that feeling.

“The BEST part… I didn’t have to break the bank to host the party. The Shower cost me UNDER $100!”

Throwing a beautiful, thoughtful celebration or shower, doesn’t have to cost you an arm & a leg – With a little help from my sister who came over to help me cook the night before & a few food contributions from guests (No shame in allowing help), it was a total, low-budget success & I want to show you exactly how I accomplished that!

⇒ Rather than spending money on renting an event hall, I hosted the shower at my home. It was a great excuse to get a move on my spring cleaning, too! (My boyfriend says, “You should throw a baby shower every spring!”) HAH. He’s a clever one isn’t he? 😉

welcome table 2

⇒ I purchased specialty paper at an office supplies store for $6 to print my own invitations using a FREE printable design. I also used $1 envelopes from the dollar store for my invites & favors. I made baby blessing favors for the guests with tea lights from the dollar store that cost $1 for a whole bag.

Baby Shower, Invitationsblessing candles

 Baby Blessing Favors Read:

“This is a gift for you today so, when mama goes into labour, you can help light baby’s way… With the flicker of the flame, please say a prayer in Peyton’s name.”



Brunch Menu:

  • Recycled Cups, Napkins & Plasticware from my own shower 3 years ago!
  • Blueberry green tea, orange juice & water
  • Hot Tea & Coffee station (Not Pictured)
  • Veggie Platter & dip (Guest Contribution)
  • Banana Chocolate Drizzle ( Guest Contribution)
  • Celery with olives & cream cheese (Guest Contribution)
  • Finger Sandwiches (Guest Contribution)
  • Smartfood Popcorn (With “READY TO POP” place-card not pictured)
  • Loaded Pasta Salad (Guest Contribution)
  • 1 Ham & Veggie Quiche & 1 Bacon & Veggie Quiche
  • “Bacon Goodness” – Thank you Pinterest!
  • Fresh Fruit Salad
  • Vanilla Cupcakes topped with cream cheese frosting (with pink food color) & garnished with a fresh strawberry (Pictured below)

Hosts’ Approx. Total Food Cost Only: $76.64


cupcakes 2

⇒ I attempted to arrange the cupcakes into a girly pink bow & displayed the DIY baby blocks I made here, which double as a gift to take home for baby. The elephant place cards used to label food were only $0.17 at TJ MAXX!



⇒ My son’s art easel/chalkboard was a great display piece to transition the party from the food area to the sitting area of the party. (FREE of course)

⇒ Coffee table Center Piece (Pictured Below) – Mini Robin eggs cause’… Easter. Recycled Jungle-themed card from my baby shower used as décor. Recycled baby pins from my shower & table runner made from $0.50 roll of burlap garland.


table runner

signs banner

⇒ DIY Baby Onsie Banner recycled from my shower – Made from scrapbook paper & pom-pom garland. Metal BABY sign $1 marden’s find & recycled from my baby shower & P’s old nursery décor. DIY Set of “Little One” Hand Painted Wood Signs – If those are out of your realm of creativeness you can always custom order something similar from a maker-mama like myself or on etsy. BEST PART: They double as a gift for baby’s nursery décor!


GAME: “Nappy Night Time Amusement”

⇒ I purchased a $10 package of size 1 diapers that guests wrote silly, encouraging or amusing words on for the new Mama & Papa to enjoy during their frequent upcoming midnight diaper changes. (The basket & chalk board were items I had at home)

gift table 2

⇒ My most exciting upcycled gift was this ole’ glider chair from when my son was born! With a broken spring in the seat & an irremovable breast milk stain on the cushion, it was left to collect dust in our storage room for the last 2 years. Since I’m on a mindful kick to purge our home of stuff we don’t use/need & I already have an heirloom rocking chair I prefer to use for myself, I finally asked my boyfriend to fix the spring & had handmade covers made for the cushions, footstool & throw pillow by the one & only Mamma Made Children’s Boutique – My go-to for anything sewn & adorable!  The glider made the perfect “guest of honor” chair during the shower & will now be a comfortable resting spot for mama & baby for many nights to come in the nursery.


⇒ I used my own gifts to set the stage for arranging the gift table for guests… On the invitations, I encouraged guests to bring a book with a personal note in lieu of a card to help start babies library. The elephant & giraffe book ends & books were a $5 total yard sale find. Given the nursery theme, I couldn’t pass up this $0.25 wicker elephant basket I scored at a yard sale & filled with personal care items.


So, when you get the news of another family member or girlfriend who’s just about “Ready to Pop”, don’t be intimidated by hosting them a shower yourself. The thought & love you pour into the celebration will top any gift you could buy at a store & you’ll feel great about treating the expecting mama to a day all about her. Plus, no one will ever know that you pulled it off on a budget under $100 – Unless of course your like me & super proud of being ultra-frugal & can’t help but brag about how little money you spent!!!


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22 thoughts on “How to Host a Gorgeously frugal Baby Shower for Under $100!

  1. These ideas are fantastic! I have 3 cousins having babies this year and wish we lived close enough to use your ideas and throw them a shower! I may have to mail them a pack of diapers with funny stuff on them anyways…I would have loved something like that with my 2 girls!!!

    • I think the diapers are such a hoot! I used a mix of cloth & disposable but still would’ve loved these too. I mail my signs all across the country if you’re every looking for a unique gift (shameless plug) 😉

  2. These are all great ideas and awesome ways to save money and host a great shower. I love the game where people write on diapers. I’d love to use that game to host a shower in the future.

  3. What a lovely shower! I absolutely adore the baby blessing favors – what a beautiful and meaningful gift for both mama and guests. Now, I only need a friend to tell me she is expecting so that I can utilize your tips!

      • Inside the envelope were tea lights to burn when mama goes into labor. On the envelope is a feather with the words, “This is a gift for you today so, when mama goes into labour, you can help light baby’s way… With the flicker of the flame, please say a prayer in baby’s name.”

    • How exciting! Don’t forget to come back & tell me which ideas you used or share some photos so, I can see cause’ let’s be honest… Doing this means I get to live vicariously haha 😉

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