Looking ahead…2016

Naturally, as another year comes to a close, we are going to see & hear all about resolutions, goals, intentions (whatever you want to call them) that help us set the stage for the new year.

While Facebook has added an unfollow button, they have yet to create a “true to you” filter – one where you could set preferences & [insert here] the words & thoughts you would like to eliminate from popping up in your news feed… That would probably limit their business so, I don’t see that happening but a person can dream, eh? What I’m getting at is while I look forward to seeing you share your goals on social media, unfortunately I’ve also seen some of those “you have nothing better to do with your time” memes about resolutions. Something like this one below…

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Now, if you’re not one for making resolutions, that’s totally cool. You don’t have to ride this train…or post sarcastic memes about it… And If you’re a dreamer, goal-setter, planner, visionary, go-getter, adventurist, optimist, enthusiast, entrepreneur, list-maker, or all of the above… Well, that’s cool too. You might be one to write down some things you’d like to make happen in the coming year. You might even share these ideas with the world. Maybe you share them to hold yourself accountable? Or in hopes of inspiring someone else out there? Or simply because you’re confident in your ability to succeed? This is all OK! Actually, it’s more than OK. I personally love seeing others do well. I love being inspired by others who are doing well. I love to surround myself physically & virtually with those who are doing well. Believe it or not, that helps ME do WELL too.

So go ahead, share the GOOD – there is no such thing as too much! I want you to write down your goals, dreams & aspirations. I want you to talk about them. I want you to exchange ideas with others. I want you to step outside your comfort zone. I want you to share this with the rest of the world. We would be lucky to share space with you. Space that is full of excitement, love & support. Space that is so full it overflows to empower & uplift as many as possible. I want nothing to do with a space where people feel uncomfortable to voice their vision because someone else might tell them “they can’t do it” or that they are “conceited” for doing so.

It is OK to: want to do better, do things differently, continue a new ritual, start new traditions, create new habits, challenge yourself, fail, succeed, hold yourself accountable, set intentions, chase your dreams & resolve.

I’m a bit of a planner & a total visual dreamer. So, looking ahead at 2016 is important to me. I take some time to write about & even display some of the things I would like to do for myself, what I would like to see happen for our family, goals for my business’ & even specific things I want to make sure we do… Take note, that 1st on the list is something just for me. Not for my partner or child but for me because I’m learning that when I take care of me I am the best mum & partner I can be!

Some of the things you will find on my list are:

  • A Women’s Retreat
  • Take the family camping at least 3 times
  • Buy a House
  • Go to the Franklin Zoo
  • Volunteer More
  • Read 6 or more Books
  • Try Rock climbing
  • Parents only yurt stay
  • Network my Wedding business
  • Invest more time in my blog
  • Hike 5 new mountains

What’s even more fun is having people to share these ideas with! Whether it’s with a friend, spouse or child, it is equally fulfilling to hear what others have in mind for the next 12 months. I challenge you to write down some thoughts & take turns sharing them with someone else…

I sat down with my partner to ask him about some of the things he would put on his list. It was a great reminder of how naturally selfless he is since his list consisted mainly of things he would like to do as a family or for US but what I LOVED the most was seeing that we desired so many of the same things!

Some of the things you will find on both of our lists are:

  • Buy a House
  • Go Camping A Lot
  • Start Snowshoeing
  • Go on more Dates
  • Snowmobile day trip
  • Save money
As we prepare our mind, body & spirit for another trip around the sun, I will leave you with this:
“LIFE is an ECHO. What you send out- comes back. What you sow – you reap. What you give – you get. What you see in others – exists in you. Do not judge – so you will not be judged. Radiate & give LOVE – and love comes back to you.”


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Enjoy the Journey,


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