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At the beginning of the week I shared this post about my bittersweet feelings on returning to work after 2 & 1/2 months of maternity leave. Well, I’m happy to say, we made it through the first week of this big transition!

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Here’s a bit about our life in the last week:

+ Things are booming at work (hello job security!) which means I’m busy & my mind doesn’t get so stuck on missing my babies.

+ Baby Lu is now not only successfully taking a bottle from the sitter, but from Brandon too, which means this mama gets to take a nice long bath alone. {hallelujah!} She is currently favoring this bottle & this bottle warmer for the perfect temp.


+ We caved & are giving Lu a paci. She is a committed “comfort sucker” so, you know what? Do what you gotta do! Finding the right one took some trial but this one stuck 😉

+ I’ve been pumping enough milk for her while I’m away & then some! I’m loving the convenience of my pump backpack & how discreet it is too.

+ Our meal plan was a huge success & even though the menu got swapped around (because I didn’t take the turkey out to thaw soon enough) we ate well & didn’t stress about dinner or lunches one bit!

+ Brandon spent his first full day alone with both kiddos & totally put my domestic skills to shame by keeping them both alive & well, bottle feeding our breastfed baby, polishing off all the dirty laundry, emptying the sink full of dishes, remembering to thaw the bacon & I’m sure I’m still missing something here…


+ P seems to have caught a cold & don’t judge me for saying this, but I like his sick boy snuggles.

+ P is becoming quite the photographer these days so, I asked him if I could start sharing some of his snaps in a new series from “his view” & he excitedly said yes, stay tuned!


+ I feel like I am constantly rushing. Rushing to get out the door with 2 kids. Rushing to complete a single task, rushing to pump, rushing to make dinner… but I am hopeful we will find a more even balance soon.

+ We thought it was a sick April Fool’s joke but we just got 13 inches of snow on our little mountain & it’s still falling as I type…

Isn’t it crazy how the seasons of life & parenting are always changing. Big changes often cause me a lot of anxiety. It is clearly something I struggle with but it seems I always find strength in getting to the other side which, somehow, I always do. How come I can’t seem to find comfort in that fact in the beginning?

Be well,


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  2. Wow go you! Glad you and your family survived the first week of the transition. I’ll have to do this in a couple of months and I’m petrified! Love the idea of the pumping backpack though, will definitely be checking that out!

    • The pumping backpack is amazing! Between daycare drop off, my own lunch bag & anything else for work, my hands are full enough. It’s also so discreet which helps when you work with mostly males 😉

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