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The truth is… Sometimes I feel like all of my energy is spent on others. If you’re a mum too, I am sure this rings true at times…

My energy is spent at work, checking off to-do’s & keeping our clients happy. At home, jumping from one task or need, to the next. And lately, it feels like I’ve spent just about every last ounce on my family as we navigate a season of change… Oh, and being pregnant. That alone takes quite a bit outta me!

What’s left when the energy is all spent up? Sometimes nothing. Sometimes I don’t have any energy left for me… the kinda effort needed to feel good. 

I’m a simple kind of gal. The low maintenance type. If I want to wear make up one day, I first have to find it (that’s how often I wear it) and my go-to hairstyle is the mom bun. Instead of treating myself, I usually spend my “mom fund” on the kids or a friend. I prefer to thrift or do a clothing swap to outfit my diverse wardrobe. I get dressed based on my mood rather than my nonexistent “style” and these days, it’s far more important to appease my level of comfort as my belly grows than to make a fashion statement…

But, every once in a while, it feels really damn good to feel good. Sometimes all it takes is putting some mascara on, taking an extra long shower or throwing on one of my favorite outfits. A little something to make a mum feel human again, ya know?

That’s why I was super giddy over the timely arrival of these new Mom Tees from Alley & Rae Apparel. I even surprised myself by putting my own little flare on styling these tees with layers and a fitted side knot. To no one’s surprise though, I couldn’t leave my little Mischief Maker out of all the fun so, we made quite an honest statement with these “Mommy & Me” {Mischief Maker} & {Mother of Mischief} paired tees.

Mommy & Me, Mother of Mischief & Mischief Maker Tees from Alley & Rae Apparel.

Mischief Maker Tee from Alley & Rae Apparel.

These tees seriously couldn’t be more fitting for this season of life. Like this {Dear Mom, I get it now} tee made just for me! Dear Mom, I really honestly, totally, apologetically do get it now, I promise 😉  There’s no doubt you will definitely spread positivity, make a statement or tell a story in the modern, handmade and colorful clothing from A&R.

Dear Mom, I get it now. A&R Apparel : Making Mum feel Human again.

Plus, they make selecting a personalized gift super easy with their holiday gift guide. My Christmas bump is going to look adorable if I do say so myself, in this {I ate Santa’s cookies tee} this season!


Don’t forget to spend some energy on YOU, mum. You deserve to feel THAT damn good.

PS: There’s no shame in snagging something for yourself while Christmas shopping!






• In exchange for my honest review, I received the aforementioned item(s). As always, all thoughts and opinions shared are my own & will never be compromised.

2 thoughts on “How to make a Mum feel Human again : Alley & Rae

  1. Love the ‘dear mom, I get it now’ shirt! Amazing. I feel like this all the time. Since I’ve gotten pregnant with #2 I’ve made it a point to do something every day for myself. Chasing a toddler is no joke while growing another human, so I definitely try to give myself some love each day.

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