Mamas in Small Biz Series : Bri Wormell – Gorham Hair & Co.

Do you ever come across a booming shop online run by a SAHM or see a mama running her own business while juggling a family & wonder how she does it all? I know I do!

This season, I am highlighting some of my favorite small businesses run by moms right here in Maine! My wish is that through these interviews, you feel inspired by these incredible mamas to take the next step in following your own dreams or consider supporting these mamas as they work hard to continue pursuing theirs. 

Though my family keeps our gift giving small, we try to be incredibly intentional about how & where we spend our dollars. I know for a fact that we can make an impact in our own community by supporting small businesses & those run by other mums have a special place in my heart. ♥

Please join me in getting to know our first “Mama in Small Biz”,  Bri Wormell – Owner of a high end salon & boutique in Gorham, ME. I love watching this sweet mama find success in her business & enjoy endless outdoor adventures with her little family.

Mamas in Small Biz Series: Gorham Hair & Co.

{Photos provided by & owned by Bri Wormell}


Mamas in Small Biz Series: Gorham Hair & Co.

Interview with Bri Wormell – Owner of Gorham Hair & Co. :

1. What is your business & what product or service do you specialize in? My business is Gorham Hair & Co. and I am a full time colorist and stylist

2. How & when did you start your business? I started my business in March of 2016 just 6 weeks after having my beautiful baby girl!

3. What is your WHY? Not just the practical reason for starting your own business but what drives you to keep going? Simply because I want to love being a momma without answering to anyone & to be in charge of my own income.

4. Tell us a little bit about your family dynamic? My husband & I are avid outdoors lovers, hound lovers and total busy bodies… we often take on more than we think humanly possible. In January 2016 we brought an incredible tiny human into this world to share our journey with. We quickly showed her how to love Maine, as we brought her home for the first time in a snow storm and took her on her first family vacation ice fishing at just a month old! Our life revolves around our family and enjoying nature in maine.

5. How do you balance work & family life? Sometimes balance seems impossible for us but at least one meal per day we spend at the dinner table chatting away about our day, reminiscing on a memory or planning our future. My husband works shift work at 50+ hours per week, I run my own salon & work full time, along with being new parents. Finding balance is a struggle at times so, one meal together daily, many small day trips & walks through the woods keeps my family in check.

6. What is the most rewarding part about owning your own business? The absolutely most rewarding part about owning my own business has to be the pride I feel when I come home knowing I’m creating a living for myself & for my family, all while teaching my daughter that she can do anything she puts her heart & soul into. A huge bonus is being able to make my own schedule and dictate my own salary for the most part.

7. What is the most challenging part of owning your own business? Stepping away… My family means the world to me but my salon is also my baby. Being able to drive home to my family & leave work at work can be very difficult at times.

8. What is one way you give back or support fellow moms or small business owners? Shopping local is huge. Women for women is huge. When women empower other women we make an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. I attend women’s networking events & various marketing groups to get my face out there. Doing this also helps me to get to know other women in business too, which in turn, helps spread the word about them. I love to shop locally, know who & where I am getting products from… fun & feels really awesome!

9. How do we as consumers impact your family when we support your small business? My clients are everything! My clients help me to pay my bills, feed my growing family, cloth my little family… EVERYTHING! You are my income!

10. What has been the best compliment, review or piece of feedback received from a client or customer? {Yes, we want you to toot your own horn!}        The best compliment I receive is the referral of a friend or loved one!

Mamas in Small Biz Series: Gorham Hair & Co.

Want to treat a loved one to some pampering this holiday season?

Gorham Hair & Co. is participating in Small business Saturday on November 26th! They will be offering 25% off all hair & waxing services, $10 express manicures, stocking stuffer deals, a free gift with the purchase of a $25 gift card and some festive food & drinks!

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