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As I approach four years of being a mum & celebrating another Mother’s Day, I can’t help but think about how much I have grown over these years. I am continuously evolving & wanting to learn new things so that I can be the best mum I can be…

If I’ve learned anything since becoming a mum, it’s that time is fleeting & oh, so precious. Is it just me or does it seem to go even faster with each kid? I feel a constant tug of war between rushing and wanting to slow down. It seems like just yesterday, I couldn’t wait for my son to form words I could actually understand and now sometimes I wish he would just “Shhhhh!” for one whole minute 😉

The truth is, we can’t get this time back and in the end, our kids will remember the time we spent with them over anything else. In my own opinion, it takes time to be a good mum. That doesn’t mean spending every single minute of your life with your kids (it’s okay to work & take time for yourself) but it’s about making the most of the time you do have. Being good at anything takes work. Now, I don’t have a green thumb by any means but just like a flower needs attentive care to bloom, so do we. Which is exactly why I’ve committed to putting in some extra care to bloom in my role as a mum.

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Whenever I have goals for myself, I like to write them down to hold myself accountable. I’m sharing my intentions with you in hopes that this may inspire you to look at the ways you can be more intentional with the time you spend with your kids too!

My “Motherhood in Bloom” Goals:

+ Less TV at wind-down time & more family games

+ Say “yes” more. Whether it’s to lay with my son at bedtime or play trains.

+ Try new activities & places to explore as a family

+ Take turns choosing a new interest to learn about each month

+ Spend one-on-one time separately with each kiddo

Being aware of how you spend your time in this day & age, doesn’t mean you can completely disconnect from the world & it’s limits. I still have to stop playing with my kids to make dinner & remind my son 10 times to put on his shoes so we can get out the door…. but if you’re going to be checking the time, you might as well do it in style, right?

Last year, I had an incredible opportunity to treat Brandon to a gorgeous & unique wood watch from JORD at “crunch time” just before our new baby arrived. He loved it & so did everyone else, including me. When I got the opportunity to partner with JORD again, I was thrilled & so thankful to finally get this Zebrawood & Rosé Cora series watch I had been eyeing for some time.

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Like most moms, I rarely treat myself so, it feels really great to have such a special piece to dress up my look with but honestly, I love how casual it is too. The wild & natural grain wood fits my “hippie vibe” while the Swarovski crystal time markers paired with the lively Rosé adds just enough of a feminine touch.

I am a firm believer that we shouldn’t let ourselves fall to the bottom of the list all the time (even if I need to work on practicing what I preach) so, JORD is helping me celebrate the mums of my village with a chance to win $100 towards your very own JORD wood watch – PLUS, everyone gets a $25 gift card just for entering!

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Please note, contest giveaway is sponsored by Contest ends on 4/30/17 at 11:59 PM. Mums Orchard House is not responsible for delivery of gift codes. I received a watch from JORD wood watches in exchange for my honest review; as always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for trusting my opinion.

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