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Fall means Halloween and Halloween means having a great excuse to dress up and milk being ‘that corny mum’ for as long as you possibly can.

So, if you’re like I was last year… well, I might as well just fess up now and tell you I don’t have my act together this year either… but what I mean is, if you’re a habitual procrastinator like I am, then chances are… you are exactly one week away from Halloween and there’s a high probability your kid has a Halloween party tonight and you haven’t put one bit of a costume together yet.

On this day last year you would’ve paid to watch the entertainment unfold in my dining room as my partner and I threw together my son’s Halloween costume. And in turn, I decided that I just had to have one too since I would be volunteering at the local Halloween party he was attending…

I kind of have a thing for collecting little boy’s overalls so, finding a pair of those wasn’t too hard. Out of his closet next came a classic flannel, his summer sun-hat and of course “daddy-style work boots”. scarecrows

Like I said, mum had to have some fun too so, out of my closet came another flannel, a worn pair of blue jeans, my favorite ole’ bandana and a pair of boots.

I also hoard random crafty things. In my defense, I almost always find a use for everything but it might just sit in a box for a couple years until I do… (I get it from my mama) We rounded up some faux hay, fake leaves & flowers, scrap fabric, non toxic paint & a hot glue gun.

We cleared our dining room table and went to work! We looked like a bunch of crazies cutting out fabric squares, stuffin’ pockets with hay and glue gunnin’ away. We topped off our last-minute costumes with sun flower hats and rosy-red cheeks!

In about two hours flat, we were a mum & baby scarecrow pair skipping off to the Halloween party!

P won a book in the kids costume contest and we had an absolute blast! So, if you have a cute kid, a helpful man & a fun imagination, then you might just find yourself scaring crows this year!

p halloween 2014mums scarecrow

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