Music, Kids & A Happy Home.

I’ve never been good at music or so, I thought…

I never quite got the hang of playing an instrument in the school band or hitting the right notes in chorus. My friends have jokingly asked me to refrain from singing in their car (they’re actually serious but I don’t take orders well)- at least hold back the high notes will ya? I drum to my own beat & tambourine like a wild woman. So, Sia has got me beat but I could “swing from the chandelier?”

Regardless of my lack of rhythm or skill, music has increasingly become a part of me. My ex (a huge musical inspiration in my life) & I started dating back in high school when all the best rock shows were in damp, dark basements. We graduated to larger venues & open fields full of magical sounds. I fell in love with the stories people told with their music & the people who felt like family all because you found yourselves side-by-side, swaying in sync. I fell in love with the freedom that came from dancing like nobody was watching & not givin’ a damn. I fell in love with all different kinds of music – from hard rock to pop (Do they still call it that?) & everything in between. Most of all, I fell in love with the places music can take you. Not physically, but emotionally & spiritually – like you can close your eyes & be somewhere totally different in the music.

The sad part is, I can’t remember the last concert or show I went to (#MomLife)… But I should probably work on that. I don’t need an overpriced general admission ticket or flashy light show though, cause’ I’ve got a stage right in my own home kitchen. You can find us there… twirling in circles & belting out lyrics at the top of our lungs, on the regular. It’s rare you’ll walk into our house to find the radio isn’t on… or me making a fool of myself.

music happy home dancing

“Music is an essential part of our family life because it brings us together.”

I don’t even think I fully appreciate that enough – What music can do. The way the mood can change from “the world is ending” toddler meltdown to hips swaying like an ocean breeze. The way my hunny can make me go from emotional mess to giddy smiles when out of nowhere, he places his hand on my lower back & pulls me in for a dance. How an average afternoon hangout with our friends goes from sprawled across the couch to full-on group air band in our living room (With the toddler on lead guitar of course). The way my kid always says “turn it up mumma” in the car & I glance in the rear view only to catch him bobbin’ his head to the beat & waving his arms around like he just don’t care. How I can go from dreadfully dragging my feet at the thought of chores to gleefully dancing through the house as I clean. The way I can escape when it’s just me & a pair of headphones.

music dancing love happy parents

“Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears straight to the heart.”

Music helps make a happy home. It breaks down walls, stops us in our tracks and forces us to MOVE. So, the next time you & your kid are ready to go head-to-head in a disagreement, try shakin’ it off with T-Swift. Sip your coffee & juice to some Jack Johnson. Rock your baby to sleep to the magical sounds of City And Colour. Whatever it is, let go & MOVE. It’s good for you & everyone around you. Be careful though, once you start honoring requests from the head DJ to drop hits like “Whip Nae Nae”, you take the risk of having to listen to the same song on REPEAT – choose carefully wise parents.

I’m not ashamed to feel the music & look silly doing it – Evermore, I love that my son will grow up seeing that – Seeing me in my element & seeing his parents show him what happy love looks like. I hope he falls in love with music in his own special ways. (It wouldn’t hurt if he got my ex’s musical talent either!)

Rock On,


20 thoughts on “Music, Kids & A Happy Home.

  1. I love music and I am horribly at singing, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t belt out some good tunes. I think it’s so sad that ticket prices for concert have gone through the roof, understandable but sad!

    • Girl, I am HORRIBLE at singing but that doesn’t stop me either! People roll up their windows at red lights if I sing with my windows down. But concerts nowadays are outrageous! I just want to listen to good music in the park under a shady tree <3

  2. Haha. I totally agree that music can change the mood in your house. I’ve been known to throw a few Saturday morning dance parties in my house. Both kids think I’m crazy and all of a sudden they are on the same page…and the argument is over 🙂

    • Saturday morning dance parties are my jam! Are they embarrassed of you yet? I totally dread the day my son has friends over & he tells me I can’t do “this or that”… and I still do 😉

  3. I LOVE THIS!! My husband is an avid music guy. I love it, but it certainly isn’t a constant in my life. I agree that it’s great for our kids to see our passion and our LOVE for things!

    • I bet you have a passion that you share with them as well? How lucky are you kids to experience music with your husband & other experiences with you. I’m glad you stopped by! xoxo

    • Music is so much more than a “skill” or talent for kids. It is an outlet, a vehicle and a way to express themselves. I love that you encourage that in your home. Enjoy the sounds mama <3

  4. I know I already commented on facebook, but this is such a good reminder to me of using music to lift up my soul and also that it is great for my kids! Thanks!

    • That’s wonderful that she’s drawn to the music! My son just listens to whatever we listen to but I do have a couple Seseme street read-along CD’s that we got as a gift & that he listens to at bed time…

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