Professional Family Photos | 7 Reasons to stop waiting and just do it! Plus, an exclusive offer!

I coerce my family to do a photo shoot at least once a year. There’s definitely some bribing involved… but come on, none of us are past that when the need calls. I do this for so many reasons; I don’t think I’m the norm in my generation – Believe it or not, I actually PRINT a ridiculous amount of photos. I decorate the walls of my home with my absolute favorites & organize the rest into photo books or scrap books when I have time. I have permanent mom-brain. That’s my excuse anyway cause’ my memory is terrible – If I don’t write it down or document it somehow, chances are it’ll get lost in that messy brain of mine. Having memories of my family to hold in my hand, pass around the table & look back on some day is extremely important to me.


Christmas 2013 "Just Us" - copyright

Christmas 2013 “Lobster Sweater” – copyright

Walking by framed smiles, often gives me the jerk  of happiness I didn’t  know I was looking for on a gloomy day so, I do it for personal inspiration. Because you can’t very well appreciate the good days nearly as much without the bad and I can attest to that – the good days, keep me going. Those smiles, those memories, they keep me moving forward.

And, fleeting moments – this one scares me at times. I often think, “how is he already 2?!” or “I can’t believe that was so long ago!” – The truth is… Just like every other mum out there, sometimes I wish I could just freeze time & the closest thing to doing just that is to photograph it.

It makes me feel good about myself – Whether you’re going for sexy boudoir, a family style session or women’s empowerment… When our time for a photo shoot rolls around, I’ll admit that I spend a little more time than usual on my appearance & have fun putting together coordinating outfits but I always love the outcome & we can all use a confidence booster every once in a while!


Many of us have a habit of taking a bajillion photos. It’s no secret we all live with our smartphone attached to our hand. The problem with that though is: The quality is poor (understandable if it’s your only option) –  You’re behind the camera, not in front of it – You take so many photos, you never get around to actually organizing or printing them!

just us

Winter 2015 “Just Us” – Copyright


Now, I try not to give unsolicited advice but you’re here, reading what I have to say…  So, I highly recommend everyone have a professional photo shoot done at least once in their life time. But why do so many of us avoid this? Why are we waiting to add this to our to-do list or family budget? When talking about my experience with having professional photos done, I often get the response, “I’m just waiting for…[insert excuse here]”


I am here to tell you to STOP WAITING!


Stop waiting until you lose a little weight

xmas 2014

Christmas 2014 “Our Family” – Copyright

When your grandchildren look back at these photos someday, they won’t notice what size you were – only that your clothes probably came back in style again & they will want to raid your closet for any vintage finds but more importantly, they’ll be wondering what you were doing that very day, what memories you made, what their parents were like at that age… Their eyes will be full of curiosity just waiting for you to tell them the story behind the photo.


Stop waiting until you can afford it – this is a poor excuse. Just like many wants & needs, they happen because you choose to make a sacrifice – Dip Into the Christmas or vacation budget, ask for gift cards on special occasions, put a small amount away each week, skip the miserable school photos and keep your eye out for sales & promotions from your local photography studios.

Stop waiting until you have time – I hate to break it to you  but you’ll never have time unless you make it. Take advantage of the opportunity to slow down & simply enjoy some down time with your family. A good photographer will do their best to capture your family in their natural element – Laughing & playing together makes for some great results so, make a day of it! Once you find what works for you, make a trend of it annually or every couple years.


Winter 2015 “Eskimo Kisses” – Copyright

Stop waiting on someone else – Whether a family member is ill, there’s a grudge held or someone just doesn’t want to participate in the fun, take it upon yourself to make the arrangements. Don’t wait until you regret not having beautiful photos of a loved one  to cherish when they’re gone or for someone else to bridge the gap. Even getting distant relatives together to get a family photo is the perfect excuse for a reunion!


Stop waiting for a special occasion – Christmas isn’t the only time we can send love to our friends & family… Send your hard earned, family photos in a “thinking of you” card any time of the year! My nana is always asking for a new photo of my family to update her frames with but she doesn’t celebrate holidays for religious beliefs. You’ll graduate to the fridge of people you least expected but those who most appreciate the thought.


Stop waiting for a major life event – Hiring a professional photographer isn’t just for weddings & newborns anymore. A normal day of life is just as good as any to take “just because” photos. That’s real life any way, the good stuff. In between all the milestones these will be the moments that remind you how you got where you’re going. Personally, I’m not one for the kind of photographers that force you into a stiff pose, with your legs crossed in front of a perfectly white back drop – I much prefer those who can capture you during a snowball fight or jumping into a pile of leaves so, don’t overthink it & just have FUN!


snowball fight

Winter 2014 “The Snowball” – Copyright

Stop waiting because you had a bad experience – With social media & the internet in general, you can find reputable & reliable reviews for just about anything. Ask a friend, blogger, co-worker, business owner or throw it out to your newsfeed for recommendations on where to go. Ask them specific questions to avoid what you didn’t enjoy about your last photoshoot experience. Find someone you makes everyone involved feel like the best versions of themselves & never let them go. If they’re really that good… well, don’t be a fool, book ahead!


Winter 2015 “Mum’s Boy” – copyright

As if it wasn’t obvious, I’ve clearly found a photographer that shares a mutual love for my family’s good looks *wink wink* – Kelley from Ginger Snaps Studios, sees a shot that no one else can, she makes us laugh & feel comfortable. Her artistic eye & creativity is unmatchable in my book and more than anything, she makes sure I get the results I’m looking for EVERY SINGLE TIME – Natural, authentic, high-quality images of my family; making memories & having fun. To me, that’s priceless. I have found a photographer that I love & I’m never letting her go. So please, whether you’re local to Portland, ME or on the other side of the globe, go check out her website gallery & facebook page to show her work the love & admiration it so truly deserves.


Fall 2015 “Leaves” – Copyright



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10 thoughts on “Professional Family Photos | 7 Reasons to stop waiting and just do it! Plus, an exclusive offer!

  1. I needed to hear this. I am so bad about waiting until a special event, or it’s been 5 years we should do it. Looking back, I have very few pictures of our whole family together. I think I am going to call our photographer today! Thanks for the reminders.

  2. I love this! You’re completely right about the photos making me smile as I walk down the hall. It instantly gives me a new perspective on my fleeting time with my little.

  3. I SOOOOOO agree with you Vivianna!! I love having photos done because they are so, so priceless for the rest of our lives. We all love looking at old photos together, and they better the photos, the more you’ll love them. This was a great post!!

    • Do you print them all like me? I know most live in our digital age but I can’t help myself! Holding them in my hands is such a different feeling & we can all sit together to enjoy them which, in turn makes new memories. Thanks for the love. xoxo

    • As a photographer, I am sure you are constantly reminding people of this. Thank you for your kind words – Ginger is unbelievably talented & pulls out the best in us!

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