Sugar & Spice | Not always everything Nice

We’re not actually talking about ingredients here so I’ll just get to the point…

Parenting is often so full of sugary moments filled with love and furthermore… sprinkled with spice and drizzled in some muck.

Sugar & spice does not always come with everything nice!

Parenting is hard. If you meet someone who tells you otherwise,
they’re lying, don’t trust them.

As with any relationship you can’t live without, the parenting relationship is not meant to be easy. Your partner may challenge your decisions, your friend may start drama, your co-worker eats your lunch and your kids, well, they may drive you crazy.

You cannot ignore it, pretend it’s not there or run.

Sometimes you will want to hide in the bathroom, blast your music, cry, scream or even *gasp* feel like giving up. Saying “I’m done.” “I can’t take anymore today.”

Your wants and feels are legitimate. You’re not alone. Because the stay at home mom who never gets a minute to herself has days like that. The mom who skipped her lunch break at her busy job feels the same way. The dad who works his a** off day in and day out just wants to enjoy the weekend with his family and is facing some of the same challenges you are on any given day.

You try to enjoy a family public outing… You face meltdowns, embarrassment, sacrifice and moments of unhappiness.

Talking about these REAL rocky waters does not constitute as whining or showing weakness. You need to be honest with yourself and everyone else. We’re not here to paint a picture perfect fantasy for anyone. Although we milk those days for all they are worth…we are no more or no less than the parent standing next to us or quietly standing by while your child kicks and screams in the middle of the crowd.
No one chose this job because it’s easy. But we CHOOSE it everyday because it’s rewarding as hell and well, it’s certainly not BORING. Cause’ easy would be real boring!

Breathe. Frequently and deeply. All of you now.
Breathe in slowly through your nose while you count five breaths. Find your happy place. Picture your body, light as a feather, laying beneath the moon and stars. You release your breathe through your mouth… again while counting to five. Your body releases. It let’s go just a little of the weight. And you start over. You can ALWAYS start over!

Breathe, relax, start over

You can always change your direction; pick a new game, activity or solution to have some space.

But, even that doesn’t work sometimes. That’s okay, too. Some days you start over again and again and AGAIN. Even with all the support in the world, it seems like the four walls could cave in or better yet, bed time simply won’t come soon enough.

Your body has been tense all day. You haven’t even stopped to realize how much you’re holding back. Emotions, stress, exhaustion and a little guilt.

But you manage. You always do and always will. Because you and I both know, tomorrow will be better.

We tell ourselves all the good things; How last weekend was beautiful. How many days and memories we have to make us smile. How we choose this roller-coaster life. How loud our hearts beat when he calls us “mummy & daddy”. He much we all love our babies more than anything in the world.

In case you haven’t heard today, you’re doing your best. You’re amazing. We all are. Cause’ on days like this, more then ever, we need to remember to lift each other up and not tear each other down…

Don’t judge the next over-stimulated toddler or grocery store melt down you see… Instead respond with love and understanding. Awknowledge your message with a smile.

We can bring back the village, you see. Sharing our sugar and spices with all our neighbors.

Your Sister,

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  1. I love your spirit and enjoy your insights into everyday living. I find your fresh perspective on life’s realities inspirational! Thank you for sharing.

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