Change is Scary but so is being complacent

spring, change, motherhood

“I recently came across a quote that read, “It’s not about how to achieve your dreams, it’s about how to lead your life. If you lead your life the right way, the dreams will come to you.” ….
More recently, I have been trying to be more intentional about setting myself up for success. As I begin this season of change, growth, challenge, excitement… I know I will have a bit of a heavier plate on my hands (if that’s even possible.)”
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Sugar & Spice | Not always everything Nice

Breathe, relax, start over

“We’re not actually talking about ingredients here so I’ll just get to the point…
Parenting is often so full of sugary moments filled with love and furthermore… sprinkled with spice and drizzled in some muck.”
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