That time I cried at a red light | A Beautiful week ahead

As I was driving today, I slowly came to a stop as the light turned red at a busy intersection. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of the biggest smile. I cracked my window & noticed how it was accompanied by a roaring laugh flowing from a girl running down the sidewalk as her dad chased behind. His smile was just as wide, if not wider than hers.

Then I cried. Without warning… I slowly felt the water well up in my eyes & like rain drops, the tears began to slowly roll down my cheeks.

I had no idea why I was crying.

The light turned green and I carried on to my destination. As I drove, I kept envisioning that moment between the little girl & her dad…

What a beautiful moment. It was just that. I allowed myself to stop and really notice that. Rather than stopping to check my phone at the light or impatiently tap my fingers on the steering wheel waiting for it to change… I let my eyes wander.

The truth is, I didn’t realize until this moment that a dark cloud had been hovering over me and it was like it had parted just perfectly to let the sun shine through, right onto my face. (Anyone else get cabin fever in the winter????)

It’s incredible what that can do to you. I couldn’t stop smiling. My tears subsided as I began to laugh out loud in my car. I want to feel that moment every day. In every situation where I feel like I’m failing, falling short or run dry by motherhood. I will try to look to that moment, to let the sun shine through…

Because you know what? They’re everywhere. Smiles, laughs, moments of pure BLISS. We just have to be open to them. To SEE them. To part the clouds & let the sun shine through.

I am worthy of bliss. I will look to the sun. One day at a time. Setting that intention will allow us to be open to a beautiful week ahead.

Blessed Sunday,






10 thoughts on “That time I cried at a red light | A Beautiful week ahead

  1. How wonderful that you saw this happy moment and it lifted you up like it did! Sometimes we just need to see those little happy moments. I remember one very specifically when I was in college nannying for the family I nannied for and drove to drop the kids off at school one morning. I was waiting for a big group of parents and kids to cross the street and started crying just watching all the parents and their love for the kids. Now I have one of my own.

    • Seriously beautiful to have a collection of these kind of moments. Thank you so much for sharing! Meghan have you read the book, thin threads: real stories of life changing moments compiled by Stacey K Battat? It’s life changing, reminds me of our stories, but better and A LOT more crying ? xo

  2. This is so true…I can’t tell you how many times I don’t let myself just “be” and allow the goodness of the day really rest on my soul. I have moments like this in the car too…when I actually get the chance to drive by myself and reflect on all that God is doing in my life, it’s times like these that God speaks to me most clearly and I often times weep because of how faithful He is. Thank you for sharing such simplicity and how it can be so beautiful!

    • It’s called life. We get caught up in it so easily. You are not wrong in not being present always, it takes a lot of WORK. I write to remind myself, to hold myself accountable to do better. To be inspired by moments like this and allow myself to be open to more of them. You can do it too Tessa. The world is a beautiful place & we deserve to see that <3

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