The laughable differences between my 1st Pregnancy & my 2nd… Thus far…

If you missed it, we had a blast sharing our big news here with a sweet little announcement photo.

Now I know I’m only in my second trimester but let me tell you, I learned pretty darn quickly that this pregnancy was going to very different than my first. In just about every way possible… Of course, the universe would throw me off like this. No mama should be in such a position to think she really has a clue as to what she’s doing…

In case you’re just as lost as I am, we can laugh (so hard tears run down our legs) together at how crazy this whole pregnancy journey is to begin with & some of the notable differences I’ve already seen between my two pregnancies…

Here goes Nuthin’….

  1. Umm… For starters, this pregnancy is so very different (in every way imaginable) than my first or any other pregnancy you might have…  So just skip the notion that it’ll be the same.
  2. I naively (very naively) underestimated how much WORK (see last week’s meltdown here) it is parenting a toddler through pregnancy (as my 3 year old attempts to poke his head into my stream of vomit to ask, “you sick mumma?”
  3. I know every expecting woman feels this way but seriously, my belly just popped out of NOWHERE. Like, I just found out that I’m growing my second human… a little bit of a transition period would have been kind of nice?
  4. On that topic… F**k the jeans. No one needs that kind of abdominal pressure in their lives okay?!
  5. Don’t you dare sneeze cause’ the peeing yourself milestone comes a bit sooner this time around & your gunna wish you had brought an extra pair of clothes with you – Mums of multiples ya’ll know what I mean!
  6. I thought I had this whole pregnancy thing figured out. Since we’ve talked about having another, I’ve been all up on my high horse like, “oh, I’ll totally know what to expect this time around.” “It’ll be easier because I’ve done this before!” Hah who’s laughing now? NOT ME.
  7.  I’ve just about learned to tame the crazy when it comes to getting the urge to tell every single stranger I see that, “I’m pregnant!” Yeah… I was “that girl” in the checkout line my first time around…
  8.  Times FLIES. Yes, we know this but your first go at it, you’re all antsy, anxiously awaiting the next appointment, next week, next milestone… It seems like forever until your baby shower or due date. Now, the doctors appointments & bump updates nearly get forgotten in your busy schedule & you’re lucky if you remember how far along you are when someone asks!
  9. At least you can tell the difference between just having bad gas & actually starting to feel the baby flutter around in there – That’s new!
  10. The pressure to come up with another perfectly fitting baby name feels all too REAL. It’s totally okay if the babe goes without one for a little bit right?! ;-)#NaileditwiththeFirstKid


In short, throw everything you know about pregnancy out the window… It’s only fair you wing it just like the rest of us…

The good news? You don’t have to pee your pants alone though, we’re in this together & we’re laughing with YOU not at you.  😉


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2 thoughts on “The laughable differences between my 1st Pregnancy & my 2nd… Thus far…

  1. You know, I’ve heard a lot of women say this.. that the second pregnancy is completely different than the first. I wonder if your new baby will be the opposite gender? Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

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