Overnight Oats : Deviously Healthy & Super Easy

You know when you fall in love with a certain food & you go crazy eating it for breakfast, lunch & dinner until you can’t stand it anymore?

Well, this. Overnight oats. I seriously forgot how  much I love this stuff! I definitely noticed a difference in my taste for certain textures & flavors throughout & post-pregnancy so, I had a very visual assumption that I wouldn’t be into this cold mush anymore. Boy, was I wrong! (They don’t have to be cold – DUH)

My co-worker has been on a protein kick & I’ve learned a few tricks… I’ve also been trying to track my eating habits out of curiosity but am quickly learning how mindful I can be about fueling my body with a better balance of what it really needs… Which also means no more skipping breakfast when I have just minutes to get myself & my toddler out the door to daycare & work.

overnight oats.JPG

So, how about those Overnight Oats?

What you need:

  1. 1/2 Cup Organic Rolled Oats
  2. 1/2 Cup Milk (Almond, Soy, Cashew, Coconut, Dairy)
  3. 1/3 Cup Raisins, Nuts, Dried fruit (Optional)
  4. TP Cinnamon
Directions: (Prep time approx. 3 minutes)
  1. Pour all ingredients into a glass jar or sealed container
  2. Let sit overnight (approx. 8 hours)
  3. Top with locally frozen or fresh berries (Optional)
  4. Microwave for 30 seconds or place jar in pot of hot water for approx. 3 minutes (Optional)

And, Wala! There you have it folks.

My favorite save your morning sanity, better than feeling guilty for feeding your kid sugar pop cereal, on-the-go, deviously healthy, fulfilling, BREAKFAST.





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