Mamas in Small Biz Series : Elizabeth Garcia – Owner of Abram & Isaac

Do you ever come across a booming shop online run by a SAHM or see a mama running her own business while juggling a family & wonder how she does it all? I know I do!

This season, I am highlighting some of my favorite small businesses run by moms right here in Maine! My wish is that through these interviews, you feel inspired by these incredible mamas to take the next step in following your own dreams or consider supporting these mamas as they work hard to continue pursuing theirs. 

Though my family keeps our gift giving small, we try to be incredibly intentional about how & where we spend our dollars. I know for a fact that we can make an impact in our own community by supporting small businesses & those run by other mums have a special place in my heart. ♥

Please join me in getting to know our next “Mama in Small Biz” -Elizabeth Garcia, owner of Abram & Isaac, a super trendy, handmade clothing business based out of Portland, ME. Aside from how adorable her children’s clothing is, one of the first things I noticed about her business is that she donates 10% of every purchase to local adoption & foster care agencies in Maine. Mom run & cause driven? I can’t wait to see what else she has to share with us!

Mamas in Small Biz Series: Abram & Isaac.

{All Photos provided by & owned by Elizabeth Garcia}

Mamas in Small Biz Series : Abram & Isaac.

Interview with Elizabeth Garcia – Owner of Abram & Isaac:

1. What is your business & what product or service do you specialize in? My business is Abram & Isaac. I specialize in organic children’s and infant clothing. Though I will carry a variety of fabrics, I especially love to work with knits.
2. How & when did you start your business? Funny… I’ve not yet launched my business, but am getting excited—and nervous!— to officially launch on November 26th  – Small Business Saturday! 
3. What is your WHY? Not just the practical reason for starting your own business but what drives you to keep going? Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved to work with my hands. I’ve also always carried a strong desire to be a positive influence—a set of helping hands to the local community around me. When I want to throw my  scissors and bash my serger because I’m so tired, my “why” has been two things: 1. That as a mom of three, who is constantly around-the-clock serving, I need something for me. For JUST me. Something that I love to do, that I can work towards, better my craft and that is outside of my kids. Something that gets my mind stimulated and my hands moving. 2. It is good for me to be able to give outside of my family. My business has linked up with a local foster care agency to help support families financially, in getting their homes up to code in order to foster children. I truly believe that businesses should be a positive and relevant support to the community around them and I am honored to be able to do just that.
4. Tell us a little bit about your family dynamic? When my husband and I got married we had the dream of a white picket fence, three or four kids and a solid career… a “normal” family situation, right? That dream couldn’t be further from our reality. After we had our first child, we quickly realized that the military life wasn’t conducive to the family dynamic we wanted to have. We made a tough decision to exit active duty USCG and for my husband to go back to school to be a radiography tech. Four years later… We now have three children (one of which has special needs), my husband’s on his last year of college and serving in the Coast Guard reserves. I’m a stay-at-home mom and small business owner and it’s been a tough four years with a lot of challenges… but it has made us strong and created a tight-knit family unit.
5. How do you balance work & family life?  I tend to compartmentalize. That is, as much as I can. There are days that I have baby gates up with curious George playing, while I catch up on sewing, social media posts, and/or responding to emails. However, for the most part, I get up a couple of hours before my kids and work until they wake up. Once they’re up, I turn Abram & Isaac off and turn stay-at-home mommy on. Once they go to bed at night, I’ll pick up where I left off, if need be. I also have to constantly remind myself that my husband and kids are FIRST. They are the most important. If my business is going great but my children feel neglected, I need to make some changes.

6. What is the most rewarding part about owning your own business? Though I’m at the very beginning of business owning, I love being able to work with my hands and create. To chase my visions and dreams, all while fulfilling my forever dream of being a stay-at-home mom!

7. What is the most challenging part of owning your own business? My greatest challenge has been creating a good pace for myself.  I’m someone who catches wind of a dream and chases it with everything I’ve got. My greatest challenge has been to have balance with family and business while also pacing myself for slow but steady growth—all while having a solid long-term vision for my business.
8. What is one way you give back or support fellow moms or small business owners?  I have to be honest… This is all new to me. Being a business that has not yet launched, I haven’t really had the opportunity to encourage other business moms. Actually, I’ve been surprised with the small business community that I have quickly found on social media. Though I can’t honestly say that I’ve given back and/or supported the business moms, I can say that I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you and linking arms with you in the mom and small business community.
9. How do we as consumers impact your family when we support your small business?  I launch at the end of the month and though it will be nice to add little cushion to our one income budget, I am most excited to work with local families, getting their homes ready for children that are so desperately in need of love and safety.
10. What has been the best compliment, review or piece of feedback received from a client or customer? {Yes, we want you to toot your own horn!}  My dad is an old duffer. He is ALL Mainah! He has big, oil-stained hands, a bushy mustache and NO flair for style. He approached me a while back about purchasing some dresses for all of his granddaughters. It reminded me of Matthew Cuthbert in “Anne of Green Gables”, when he goes to buy Anne the dress with puff sleeves. He spent a lot of money on the dresses and later gave me a review that was so special to me. I learned how to work hard from my  parents and through my dads purchase and review, I saw how proud of me he was.
I saw my granddaughter in the dress you made for her. She looked real good! She definitely looks like she shops up- town—and not down-town!” 

Mamas in Small Biz Series : Abram & Isaac.

Mamas in Small Biz Series : Abram & Isaac.

Want to support local AND/OR give back this holiday season through A&I’s donation program? Don’t miss her GRAND OPENING  on Small Business Saturday, November 26th! You’ll be treated to 25% off the entire store for ONE DAY ONLY. Plus, you’ll want to be in the loop as Abram & Isaac announces special promotions on their social media & for those subscribed to their mailing list!



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