Mamas in Small Biz Series : Katie Oliver – Owner of ‘Baby Haus’

Do you ever come across a booming shop online run by a SAHM or see a mama running her own business while juggling a family & wonder how she does it all? I know I do!

This season, I am highlighting some of my favorite small businesses run by moms right here in Maine! My wish is that through these interviews, you feel inspired by these incredible mamas to take the next step in following your own dreams or consider supporting these mamas as they work hard to continue pursuing theirs. 

Though my family keeps our gift giving small, we try to be incredibly intentional about how & where we spend our dollars. I know for a fact that we can make an impact in our own community by supporting small businesses & those run by other mums have a special place in my heart. ♥

One of my favorite things about the blogging & small business community is that us mums have the opportunity to connect with so many other mums that we may not have gotten to meet otherwise. It was so fun to learn that I actually have some exciting things in common with our next “Small Biz Mama” Katie Oliver, Owner of Baby Haus. For example, we’re both expecting our second baby soon. Well, there goes the element of surprise… I guess I should let you meet her now! 😉

Interview with Katie Oliver – Owner of Baby Haus:

1. What is your business & what product or service do you specialize in? My business is ‘Baby Haus’ and we specialize in unique, handmade baby clothing.

2. How & when did you start your business? I started my business shortly after my son was born. I started maternity leave at 8 months pregnant, started sewing and haven’t stopped yet! I first began with wool diaper covers on Etsy and then the more I experimented with patterns, the more I came to love sewing with jersey and making kids clothing!

3. What is your WHY? Not just the practical reason for starting your own business but what drives you to keep going?  My son & my daughter on the way. Truthfully, the reason I started was because I wanted to contribute financially to our household. Sewing was the only thing I could do & stay home. The more I got into it, the more I loved watching this small business grow. Now, I don’t know where I’d be if I didn’t have this going for myself. It keeps me grounded and keeps me creative – I love my work!

4. Tell us a little bit about your family dynamic? My partner and I met out in Portland, OR. Our friend introduced us and told us we were going to have cute babies as we were shaking hands… (How awkward!) Well of course, she was right and it’s so funny to think back on now. I’m originally from Maine & my immediate family is here so, we moved to Maine a few years later to be closer to family while I was pregnant. Our son Phineas was born in March of 2015 and I am currently 6 months pregnant with a little girl! Life is crazy sometimes but we love it.

5. How do you balance work & family life? It’s really hard. I’m still at a point where most of my work happens at night or during naps. My window of long nights are dwindling with a newborn on the way and I haven’t really figured out how I will get anything done but when there’s a will, there’s a way….

6. What is the most rewarding part about owning your own business? Definitely finishing a piece, sending it out & getting feedback from the customer – That’s my favorite. I love waking up to a new Etsy or Facebook review. I do most of my sales online so, reviews are one of the only ways for me to make sure people are loving their clothes!

7. What is the most challenging part of owning your own business? Time management and holding space for myself to take a break. I’ve quickly realized that juggling a new family and a new business is exhausting. I challenge myself some days to step back, appreciate the work I have finished for the week and give myself some time to rest. I find that when I make myself do this, the next time I step into the studio I feel refreshed and full of new ideas!

8. What is one way you give back or support fellow moms or small business owners?  I love buying from local, small businesses. My sister and a few great friends own their own shops as well and it’s amazing to be able to walk in and support them. Buying local is always appreciated and you know that you are helping someone support themselves – how cool!

9. How do we as consumers impact your family when we support your small business? When I have a busy week with orders and customer interactions, I feel great. Not only because I’m able to monetarily support my family but because I feel like a strong, kick ass mom! My internal dialogue starts to sound something like this, “You can do this! “Wow, love this new pattern.” “So glad Carry was happy with her order!” Let’s pick out some new fabrics for Spring – WOO HOO!” It’s an amazing feeling to love every minute of your work.

10. What has been the best compliment, review or piece of feedback received from a client or customer? {Yes, we want you to toot your own horn!} I came across a thread on my local Mama FB page and a bunch of women were talking about my Adventure Booties. They said, they are the only booties that stay on and that the quality is so amazing, they will be able to pass them down to their next children – It made me smile.

So, I didn’t ruin all the surprises – did you catch the part where she told us that she is also having a girl?! Okay, I might be a bit excited but come on, how cool is that? Plus, I have loads of respect for any mum who has enough self control to spend nap time & post bedtime, putting their talent to profitable use, rather than sitting on the couch eating nachos like I’d prefer to be 😉

If you’re ready to spend those Christmas dollars where they really matter, be sure to check out the shop at Baby Haus for the most trendy & practical children’s apparel because this sweet mama is offering an exclusive discount for my followers. But hurry, this won’t last long!

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