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If you know me, you know I love practical. I despise giving a gift just to give it & love when I can give someone a gift I know they truly want or really need. As my first baby continued to grow, we packed away most of his things, knowing we would have another baby. So even though we already had most of the equipment we needed, there are still many practical items you need the second time around… Plus, getting to pick out some new items you want is fun too so, don’t forget to include those.

So, here it is. My super practical list of items to register for when it comes time to celebrate baby #2! baby 2 registry pin

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  • Milk Basket – I have exclusively pumped & exclusively breastfed. Having a designated spot to do both with a large basket full of handy items like; pump parts, milk bags, granola bars & nipple cream is super helpful!
  • Humidifier – Even if you had one with your first baby, over the years these can get pretty gross on the inside, especially if it has been left sitting for any length of time. Plus, you should have one in each kiddo’s room! This Crane Humidifier is easy to use & easy to clean.
  • Swaddle Blankets – You may have saved these from your first born but if you haven’t already, you have got to try these swaddle blankets from aden + anais. The breathable material, versatility & adorable prints made them a game changer the second time around!
  • Crib Bedding – Baby #2 might be of a different gender or you may just be going with a different theme. shopping for new bedding is fun so, don’t be afraid to throw this on your list. I picked out this Circo South of France set because I’m currently obsessed with grey & have plenty of eclectic pieces to accent the grey.
  • Books – Even though we share all the books in our house, I think it’s important that you start a little library for each baby. Even better when your shower guests write little notes to them on the inside of their favorite children’s books instead of sending cards!


  • Breast Pump – I love my Medela pump in style advanced. It travels back & fourth to work with me easily & can withstand exclusive/frequent pumping. I was actually given one from a friend with my first baby & I stretched it’s use for as long as I could since they are really only meant for one user.
  • Pump accessory set – You are going to want & need a set of extra pump parts. Whether you keep a set at work, have a clean set ready to go while one is in the wash or have a back up set for that moment of panic when a piece goes missing.
  • Bottles – My first baby did really well with these Avent bottles but every baby is different so, I always recommend not to go overboard until you know which one this baby likes best. Buy a couple different bottles to try such as; Dr. Brown’s options, Comotomo silicone & Tommee Tippee closer to nature.
  • Milk Storage Bags – If you’re doing any pumping, you’ll go through a lot of these & let me tell you, you will come to appreciate a durable bag that doesn’t rip like these target brand bags. Crying over spilled milk is no joke!
  • Bottle Brush – Just like a dish sponge, these wear out over time & breast milk is a bit thicker than you may expect & leaves a residue behind on the bottles. You will need a few bottle brushes over time.
  • Nursing Pads – If you’re a leaker like me, you’ll want both washable nursing pads & disposable nursing pads.
  • Nipple Butter – You may remember all too well what those first days of breastfeeding felt like with your first… You’ll definitely want some nipple butter on hand. My favorite is Earth Mama Angel Baby because it’s 100%  natural (safe to consume) & lanolin-free (it’s not as thick so it goes on easy.)


  • Wash Cloths – These wear over the years & even if you still have some from your first baby, you’ll want fresh, soft wash cloths for the new baby.
  • Skin care – Every baby’s skin is different, some more sensitive than others. Which is why I love this discovery set from Honest Co. You get to try a variety of their skin care items to see which ones work well for your new baby.
  • Laundry Detergent –  We here, tend to have sensitive skin but I also love a fresh smell so, I love this Mrs Meyers Baby Blossom.
  • Diaper Detergent – I might be on the crunchy-ish side but if I’ve learned anything from cloth diapering two babies so far, it’s that Tide original is hands down the best for washing cloth diapers & ensuring they come out clean every time!


  • Carseat – Since we have a Dino Radian RXT, one of the longest lasting convertible car seats on the market, my son is still in his. That means we need another one for the new baby. We love this seat for it’s reinforced steel frame, extended rear facing limit, comfortable padding & it’s the only seat you’ll ever need!
  • We also bought this Diono Angle Adjuster for my 3&1/2 year old’s car seat since we will now have rear-facing car seats behind both front seats, therefore limiting space. This adjuster is ONLY for Dino convertible car seats & allows the car seat to sit more upright & can add about 4 more inches behind the seat for extra leg room.
  • Baby Carrier – This is definitely one of my top must-have baby items & you can learn more about the different varieties of carriers in a guest post here. I have a handful of different carriers including the moby wrap (my favorite for the newborn phase) & structured carriers like the Ergobaby original  (my go-to for outdoor adventures.) The one carrier I hadn’t previously tried was a ring sling which I’ve quickly come to appreciate for how quickly you can get baby in & out for quick trips to the store.
  • Back Seat Mirror – Yes, I had one with my first but you’ll now want two back seat mirrors. Not only to keep an eye on the baby but to keep an eye on your toddler to be sure he or she is playing nice 😉
  • Pump Vehicle Adaptor – You’ll want to keep a pump adaptor handy in your car for when you find yourself somewhere without your baby & desperately needing to pump!

Budget Finds for Baby at Target


  • Disposable Diapers – We do a combo of cloth & disposable diapering so, there’s no pressure on ourselves to do cloth full time or while we travel. I recommend Pampers Swaddlers at least until you’re past the tar poop phase. Once you’re a couple weeks in & not going through 100 diapers a day, you can splurge just a little on these super fun diapers from Honest Company.
  • Cloth Diapers – While we kept our stash from our first baby, it’s always fun to throw a new diaper or two into the rotation like these super adorable AIO prints!
  • Diaper Sprayer – This is one thing I didn’t have the first time around. I think having a diaper sprayer would be super helpful once you get into solid foods. Mainly because once there’s real poo in there, that’s when my partner really starts to despise cloth diapering LOL.
  • Wipes – Honestly, you need a never ending supply of these since you will use them for just about everything. Pampers wipes are definitely my favorite since they are gentle but still durable.
  • Coconut Oil – If you’re into natural remedies, you will learn that you can use Coconut Oil for just about anything however, it is hands down the best diaper rash cream ever. Seriously, clears a bum up in less than 24 hours. {Just don’t use it when yeast is present}

diaper feet


  • Diaper Backpack – Some moms mourn the lack of accessories after baby. I was always a large bag/backpack vs. purse kind of gal anyway but having a stylish diaper backpack like this Skip Hop is a win-win for everyone. Mom looks good & you don’t have a hefty diaper bag falling off your shoulder while you’re trying to juggle a million things & carrying you’re little human.
  • Postpartum Bath Herbs – After having my babies, I could not wait to take a bath. These bath herbs from Earth Mama Angel baby made it easy to relax & recover after birth.
  • Nursing Bra – Don’t go overboard because frankly, i’d rather go without any bra but when you go back to work, that might not fly so, these seamless nursing bras from Gilligan & O’Malley are great because they are super comfortable & hold up well. I can’t speak for large chested women however, I do go up at least 2 cup sizes when breastfeeding.
  • Mother’s Milk Tea – Us Mums can get a bit stressed out huh? My favorite way to unwind is to sit back with a hot cuppa tea. I also tend to stress about my milk supply so, this organic Mother’s Milk tea is a bonus relief.
  • Water Bottle – You’ll have a constant thirst while breastfeeding so, an insulated, light-weight bottle you can drink one-handed like this Camelbak is a must have!

Big Sibling:

  • Doll Carrier – Preparing your first born for a new baby is important. Letting your toddler practice with a baby doll is a great way to get them interested in being your big helper when baby comes! My son loves his doll/stuffy carrier & your little one will love being just like mommy with this Ergobaby doll carrier.
  • Big Brother Book – Do you have a soon-to-be big brother on your hands? Does he happen to be a Daniel Tiger fan like my son is? Then he’ll love this book!
  • Big Brother Shirt – It took some time for him to come around but now my son is super proud of being a big brother & chances are you’re little one will be too. It’s important not to forget big siblings when celebrating the new baby so, including something like this Promoted to big Brother tee on your registry is key!

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